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Song:Candy Rain 1995
Album:Candy RainGenres:New Jack
Year:1995 Length:277 sec


My love, do you ever dream of
Candy coated raindrops
You're the same, my candy rain

(Verse 1)
Have you ever loved someone
So much you thought you'd die?
Giving so much of yourself
It seems the only way
Tell me what you want, and I
And I will give it to you...
'Cause you are...


(Verse 2)
My love
Did you ever dream that it could be so right
I never thought that I would find
All that I need in life
All I want, all I need now I know
I know I found it in you
I found it in you
'Cause you are...


(Interlude - Instrumental)

(Chorus) x 2

Candy coated raindrops
Candy coated raindrops

(Chorus/Fade Out)


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