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Song:Are ‘friends' Electric
Year:2009 Length:327 sec


It's Cold Outside
and The Paint's Peeling Off Of My Walls
there's A Man Outside
in A Long Coat, Grey Hat, Smoking A Cigarette

now The Light Fades Out
and I'm Wondering What I'm Doing In A Room Like This
there's A Knock On The Door
and Just For A Second I Thought I Remembered You

so Now I'm Alone
now I Can Think For Myself
about Little Deals
and S.u.'s
and Things That I Just Don't Understand
like A White Lie That Night
or A Slight Touch At Times
i Don't Think It Meant Anything To You

so I Open The Door
it's The 'friend' That I'd Left In The Hallway
'please Sit Down'
a Candle Lit A Shadow On A Wall Near The Bed

you Know I Hate To Ask
but Are 'friends' Electric
only Mine's Broke Down
and Now I've No One To Love

so I Find Out Your Reason
for The Phone Calls And Smiles
and It Hurts
and I'm Lonely
and I Should Never Have Tried
and I Missed You Tonight
so It's Time To Leave
you See It Meant Everything To Me


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