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EVE - 3 way (skit) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:3 way (skit)
Year:2001 Length:41 sec


whaddup Shorty
what's Going On
whassup E
everything Aiight
yea, I'm Chillin', Wassup With You
nothin' Jus' Chillin', Everything Aiight With You And Stevie
man Fuck That Nigga
what He Told You To Call Me
no, No, Ooo, Uhh, Nah, Ahh, Why Do You Think That
(Come On Yall, Man Tell That Nigga When You Talk To Him Dont Fuckin' Call Me)
and Come Get His Shit
no, Ho, Pump Me Breaks
pump My Breaks What
come On Eve, It Ain't Even Like That
oh, Wat The Fuck
hold Up, Hold Up
you Got Me On A Three Way
you Callin' Me For That, Nigga
man, Fuck You And That Nigga
how About That
no B, Wait Wait
what The Fuck!
why Would You Say Some}


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