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Portishead - Glory Box (Live At La Cigalle) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Glory Box (Live At La Cigalle)
Album:Welcome To PortisheadGenres:Trip-Hop
Year:1995 Length:301 sec


Glory Box - Portishead
I'm So Tired Of Playing,
Playing With This Bow And Arrow,
Gonna Give My Heart Away,
Leave It To The Other Girls To Play.
For I've Been A Tempteress Too Long,
Oh Yeah,
Give Me A Reason To Love You,
Give Me A Reason To Be A Women,
I Just Want To Be A Woman
From This Time Unchained,
Were All Looking At A Different Picture,
Through This New Frame Of Mind,
A Thousand Flowers Could Bloom,
Move Over And Give Us Some Room
So Don't You Stop Being A Man,
Just Take A Little Look From Outside When You Can,
Sow A Little A Tenderness,
No Matter If You Cry
{its All I Want To Be, A Woman,
So I Just Want To Be A Woman,
For This Is The Beginning Of Forever And Ever,
Its Time To Move Over Now,
(So I Want To Be)
{back To Start Again And Fades
The Crazy Mushroom (Tim Peeters)


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