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Portishead - Pedestal (Live At The Empress Ballroom) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Pedestal (Live At The Empress Ballroom)
Album:Welcome To PortisheadGenres:Trip-Hop
Year:1995 Length:239 sec


How Can I Believe This Miracle,
where The Wind Blows Dry,
through The Force Of A Man,
undenied By His Eye.

oh You Abandoned Me,
how I Suffer,
ridicule Breathes A Sigh,
you Abandoned Me,
lost Forever,
hush, Can You Hear.

enter And Rejoice This Pedestal,
where The Rainbows Hide,
your Destiny,
mystery Of All Time.

oh No Time Make Or Reason,
ridicule Breathes A Sigh,
no Time, Make Or Reason,
hush, Hear Him Cry.

no Time, Make Or Reason,
no Time, Make Or Reason,
no Time, Make Or Reason.


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