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Song:One Big Unhappy Family
Album:The Isaac Hayes MovementGenres:Funk
Year:1970 Length:354 sec


I kiss her goodbye every morning
And I'm back home at five everyday
Everybody thinks we're the neighbourhood example, oh yeah
And you know, I wouldn't have it any other way

I take the kids to church, every Sunday
I try so hard oh to teach them, what life is about
They think mummy and daddy is something special, oh yeah
And it would break their little hearts, oh Lord, if they ever found out
If they ever found out

We're just one big unhappy family
And we're too proud to let our feelings show
That we're one big unhappy family
And we can't afford to let anyone know

If I call from work and the phone is busy
I never, never, never, never
I never ask who was on the line, oh no
If I get home late she don't ask any questions, oh no she don't
You know why
'Cause she's got her thing going
And you know I got mine, I got mine
Oh that's why

(Chorus x3)


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