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Song:Good Love 6-9969
Album:Black MosesGenres:Funk
Year:1975 Length:318 sec


Good Love, 6-9969
Good Love, 6-9969

I'm bonafide, solidified
And qualified to do
Anything your heart can stand
It all depends on you

I've never lost a battle yet
I don't knock on wood
It ain't how good I make it, baby
It's how I make it good

I'm listed in the yellow pages
All around the world
30 years of experience
In loving sweet young girls

Just call Good Love 6-9969
Good Love 6-9969

I'm the king of the woman's world
They tell it from town to town
And when I find that deserving queen
I'm gonna share my crown

But until i meet my match
I'm gonna have my fun
Keep on ?, baby
And string it on the one

But if the line is busy, baby
Please, don't get nervous
Just try again and and again and again
Until you get some service

It's Good Love 6-9969
Good Love 6-9969

Good Love
Sweet Love
Good Love

I don't know but I've been told
By a signifying dipper
Sixty four thousand weeping husbands
They call me Ike the Ripper

They say i'm spreading the heartbreak
And all kinds of pain
But all i'm guilty of
Is spreading my love-type thing

If a woman is fine, my brother
It's gonna be a crying shame
But i can't control my head
It's gonna be a riptide thing

If she calls Good Love 6 9 9 6 9
Good Love 6 9 9 6 9
Good Love 6 9 9 6 9


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