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Album:What Matters Most: Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics Of Alan And Marilyn BergmanGenres:Pop
Year:2011 Length:267 sec


That face, that face, that wonderful face!
It shines, it glows all over the place.
And how I love to watch it change expressions.
Each look becomes the pride of my possessions.

I love that face, that face, it just isn't fair.
You must forgive the way that I stare,
But never will these eyes behold a sight that could replace
That face, that face, that face.

I see that face, that face
Wherever I go, it's here and it's there
Bewitching me so
It's got my crazy heart in such a tangle
It drives me simply wild from an angle

I love those eyes, those lips, that fabulous smile.
He laughs and spring goes right out of style.
And oh the thrill I feel each time my fingers gently trace
That face, that face, that face

Oh what a face, that face
It lights up a room
In ??? like heady perfume
No painter or photographer could catch it
No rainbow or no sunset that could match it

Beneath the moon, the stars or under the sun
Asleep or awake, it's second to none
What view completes my universe
Transcending time and space
That face, that face, that face
Oh that face, that face, that face
Oh, that face.


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