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Song:Shot Of Rhythm N' Blues
Album:Shakin' All OverGenres:Rock
Year:1965 Length:130 sec

Lyricist: Terry Thompson


A-when your hands start a-clappin'
And your fingers start a-poppin'
When your feet wanna move around

And ya start to swing and sway
And the band begins to play
With a real cool way out sound

Then ya get the 'can't help-it's'
And ya can't sit down
Feel like ya wanna move 'round an 'round

Need a shot of rhythm and blues
With just a little rock n' roll on the side
Just for good measure

Need a pair of dancin' shoes
With your lover by your side
Don't you know you're gonna have a lot of pleasure

Don't you worry about a thing
You start to dance and sing
And the chill bumps come up on you

Well, the beat'll finally get you
When the beat gets you, too and
Here's the thing for you to do


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