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Yelawolf - Write Your Name Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Write Your Name
Album:RadioactiveGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year:2011 Length:224 sec


I'll write your name, across the sky
And take away the stars, cause you light up the night
Feel as high as the moon
When you're here with me
That's why I'm gonna write your name
For the world to see

Another old man on the porch with the bottle
Wind blows and the old rockin' chair wobbles
He's just the wavin', everybody's welcome
All he can say about the youth is Lord help 'em
Got a couple grand babies, but they never call though
Left him in the south and they moved to Chicago
Wife's in heaven and, hes saying ever since
Vietnam life's been hard as a veteran
Simple life, just a six pack, yeah ice cold
Across the Georgia line for a ticket for the lotto
Probably never see his name in the headlines
But if I had a plane, I'd put it in the sky

She's in love, yeah, Friends call her crazy
Met him at a party, they started dating
Daddy's little angel, Momma's little lady
Only 16 now Brenda's got a baby
She can't afford to, drop out of high school
Jimmy's not a man and he can't provide you
He doesn't want to, but you keep it anyhow
Nine months down the road, what you gonna' do now
Go to the food stamp office and apply
You can find a job, it'll help you get by
And you made it when you didn't know how
Now that's a real star put her name in the clouds

You may never be on television or be the one
Your boss at work loves givin' you employee of the month
May never be the first string on a championship team
You may be the star the world just hasn't seen
But that don't make you any less of a star to God
Being rich is only realising it's all a facade
You're richer than you think in that old small town
Cause people like you make the world go round


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