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RICK SPRINGFIELD - Still Crazy For You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Still Crazy For You
Album:Success Hasn't Spoiled Me YetGenres:Pop
Year: Length:224 sec


You know my feelings are in deep
You've caught me calling your name in my sleep
We held each other while we cried through the night
It always turned out alright

But I felt victim to the parallax within
I sensed the change but I swore it was you
I shied away when you needed me most
Didn't see what I was doin', now I'm left destitute

I never knew how lost I could be till today
My panorama's dark, my sight's been stripped away
I can't seem to bridge this way between us two
Don't you know I need you back now baby, can't you see I'm still crazy for you

We thrived in shadows from scene to scene
My mind still wanders through the tavern on the green
We lived for moments that we stole away, they seem as vivid today

We had our problems when we hadn't the time
You crang me yours and I did turn mine
Didn't I see how they tore us apart
Now I'm a bandaged refugee, there's nothing left for me

chorus repeats 2x

Still crazy for you, still crazy for you
I'm so crazy for you, still crazy for you



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