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Falco - The Sound Of Music (1986) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Sound Of Music (1986)
Album:RTL deutsche SingleCharts - Top 1000Genres:Electronica
Year:1986 Length:253 sec


Es Beginnt In Einem Wald
alle Rechte Sind Bezahlt

und Es Endet Doch Daheim.
meine Hnde Sind So Kalt
denn Die Zeit
die Ging Ins Land

meine Seele Ist So Rein.
der Bube Fragt Den Knig Hey Baby
do You Wanna Dance
sie Machen History
denn Sie Sind Scharf Wie Nie -
the First Pre-Elected Rock'n'roll Band.

the Sound Of Musik - Bang-Boogie
say Up Jump The Boogie

do The Rhythm On The Boogie The Beat.
do The Bang-Bang-Boogie
say Up Jump The Boogie

do The Rhythm On The Boogie The Beat.
do The Hip
do The Hop
do The Oh-Oh-Bebop

do The Freestyle Rock'n And We Never Gonna Stop.
herr Prsident
wir Kennen Eine Sprache

diese Sprache
die Heit Musik.

the Sound Of Musik -
can You Hear The Bands Playing
can You Feel The Bodies Swaying
and If You Feel The Groove You Better Start To Move

step In Time To The Rhythm And Move Your Feet To The Beat

hey Everybody
give Musik A Chance And Do The Universal Dance.

the Sound Of Musik -
hear The James Brown Song
hear The Church Choir Sing

it's The People's Voice

they're Gonna Bring Up That Beu. And Ring.
the Vienna Lipizzaner
they're Doing The Rhythm And Blues

it's A Jailhouse-Rock
it's Stepping On My Blues Suede Shoes.
the Sound Of Musik -
it's Pavarotti
he Is The Biggest Bob Dylan Fan

sie Machen Alle Musik For Boys
girls And Big Tau Man.
it's Otis Redding
he's Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

listen To The Band
listen To The Big-Band

to The Bang-Bang
to The Bang-Bang
blow Horn !

hey - Listen To The Band
listen To The


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