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Song:10. Sirenia - Lithium And A L
Album:Symphonic Metal - Dark & BeautifulGenres:Rock
Year:2010 Length:395 sec


When All My Demons Set Their Sails
and My Mind Is Riding The Last Train
down A One-Way Track To The Final Station
destination Devastation

a Thousand Demons At My Door
screaming At My Crumbling Walls
my River's Bleeding, My Fields Are Burning
my World Has Stopped Turning

i Wil Be Your Lithium
and I Will Be Your Lover

give Me Something For My Mind
something For The Pain Inside
a Remedy, A Cure For Life
an Elixir For This Manica Of Mine

give Me What I'm Deep In Need Of
a Santuary Beyond This Cruel World
a Peerless Cure-All To Recover
like Lithium And Lover...


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