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Song:Hollywood (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle)
Album:The Now NowGenres:Electronic
Year:2018 Length:246 sec


[Intro: Jamie Principle]
Where the beautiful people at?
I said where the beautiful people at?
Beautiful people clap your hands
Freaky people clap your hands
Geeky people clap your hands
Everybody clap your hands

[Chorus: 2D and Jamie Principle]
Hollywood is alright
Hollywood is vagrant
Jealousy is gunfire
It makes you kill the vibe
(She's a wonderful thing)
Jealousy and dark times
Sinking on the web
There’s more to love than that
Jealousy is vibe down
Jealousy is vibe down

[Verse 1: Jamie Principle]
(Mmh, yeah)
I'ma go walk
All the way to the hills
But you never know what's real
So you have to be prepared
You have to be ready
You have to be ready
'Cause she can be a bitch
And it's a wonderful thing
She's so seductive
She's got me looking for that dream
I bow down
She knows how to do it
Exactly the way I like it


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