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CHEAP TRICK - I Dig Go-Go Girls  (Outtake) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:I Dig Go-Go Girls (Outtake)
Album:The Epic Archive, Vol. 3Genres:Rock
Year:2015 Length:192 sec


I Dig Go Go Girls
And Geisha Girls
tvs And Entertainers
movie Stars And Cop Persuaders

i Love A Good Drink
i Drink 'til I Sink
no One Can Speak To Me
i Love A Good Drink

how Come I Am Really Such A Bore

i Dig Racist Movies
jungle Bunnies, Lips And Coonies
indians Who Bite The Dust
general Custer Shouldn't Have Lost

i Read All The Latest
go Steal The
he Can Name The Presidents
the Latest , And Current Events

how Come I Am Really Such A Bore
how Come I Am Really Such A Bore

maybe I'm An Idiot
maybe I'm Just Craaaaaazy
maybe I'm Intelligent
maybe I'm A Lunatic


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