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Song:Mama (2012 Version)
Album:We Love Klassik (CD 2/2)Genres:Classical
Year:2013 Length:198 sec


Mama Thank You For Who I Am
thank You For All The Things I'm Not
forgive Me For The Words Unsaid
and For The Times
i Forgot
mama Remember All My Life
you Showed Me Love,you Sacrificed
think Of Those Young And Early Days
how I've Changed
along The Way (Along The Way)
and I Know You Believed
and I Know You Had Dreams
and I'm Sorry It Took All This Time To See
that I Am Where I Am Because Of Your Truth
and I Miss You , I Miss You
mama Forgive The Times You Cried
forgive Me For Not Making Right
all Of The Storms I May Have Caused
and I've Been Wrong
dry Your Eyes (Dry Your Eyes)
bridge Cause I Know You ....
mama I Hope This Makes You Smile
i Hope You're Happy With My Life
at Peace With Every Choice I Made
how I've Changed
along The Way (Along The Way)
cause I Know You Believed In All Of My Dreams
and I Owe It All To You ,mama


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