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Song:Mama (English Version)
Album:_MothersDay 2018Genres:Pop
Year:2005 Length:198 sec

Lyricist: Il Divo


Mama thank you for who I am

Thank you for all the things I'm not

Forgive me for the words unsaid

And for the times

I forgot

Mama remember all my life

You showed me love,you sacrificed

Think of those young and early days

How I've changed

Along the way (along the way)


And I know you believed

And I know you had dreams

And I'm sorry it took all this time to see

That I am where I am because of your truth

And I miss you , I miss you

Mama forgive the times you cried

Forgive me for not making right

All of the storms I may have caused

And I've been wrong

Dry your eyes (dry your eyes)

Bridge : Cause I know you ....

Mama I hope this makes you smile

I hope you're happy with my life

At peace with every choice I made

How I've changed

Along the way (along the way)

Cause I know you believed in all of my dreams

And I owe it all to you ,mama


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