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Rick Ross - Been Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Rise To PowerGenres:Urban
Year:2007 Length:0 sec

Lyricist: Rick Ross


Hey Dre I see you nigga, hey tell them niggas this is out man. Tell them how it's never with no (?) we're still standing man, know what I'm saying?

Hell naw, they don't want it with us
Hell naw, they don't want it with the squad
Hell naw, they don't want it with the boy
Hell naw, they to go to war!

[Verse 1:]
They like - I can't believe you fuck with Dre but
I heard some shit about him, Jiggolo he gonna rape ya
And they don't even know the half
A 100% of (?) I look at 'em and laugh
And we deceased, that's the word on the street
And please quit (?) the crown (?) cheap
And what about me man? They in my motherfuckin' business
But Suave House started it, you know we gonna finish
That's the situation brah, benefits and incentives
That means I'm countin' stacks while you niggas gettin' (?)
Get your motherfuckin' mind right, be about your business
Jiggolo here for the limelight, the flow is so relentless
The beat's nasty, somebody call the censors
Put it in your deck and they gonna beat them 12 senseless
I driveby on the beat without a witness
That's 16 shots without a single apprehension

We been trill, been real, been stuntin'
Been pimpin', done, done it, still on that shit
We been ridin' big cars, big rims
Thick broads, low (?), cause they on my dick

[Verse 2:]
So we was gone for a minute, observe and yea we back
Dre said get that ass, no pity, don't cut 'em slack
You, you lukewarm, I'm fire, I'm really that
I'm so much flyer, Force 1's and fitted cap
Man up, that's the squad, we hotter than plenty cats
But, players like pussies get clapped up like pity-pats
Man, I'm in the hood, but naw, I ain't in the trap
You guessed it, I'm with your bitch, she lives up in my lap
Naw, I let the speakerbox jam
She loves B-E-P, so where I am?
Then I hop in the Chevy and get ghost
We been ridin' 24's, so your (?)
Yea, 26's to be exact
Got the top down, titties out, 12's in the back
And I'm done hot, spit it while I Jig on the track
I can show them cool, this is where it's at


[Verse 3:]
Man, they see my crockpot I'm in the kitchen
I mean that literal, cook it up like Emeril
Hip-hop general, get off my genitals
10 to your bitch because she love to get physical
Reach pinnacle, she swallow all the minerals
Does her body good, she love milk, and it's identical
Subliminal, shots flow criminal
If I call you out leave your career condition critical
Have you feelin' pitiful
I represent the South where we so hospitable
But niggas quick to spit a few
Shots, and they clinical
They don't give a fuck man, don't make them niggas get at you
You gonna need a miracle
Just so you can see it through
Say I ain't the shit, nigga must be sniffin' chemicals
Tell you what the (?)'ll do
Take over the industry, got these niggas into me
That's why (?) middle finger to the enemy



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