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Rick Ross - Breathe In, Breathe Out Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Breathe In, Breathe Out
Album:Rise To PowerGenres:Urban
Year:2007 Length:0 sec

Lyricist: Rick Ross


(Intro: Jiggolo)
You know man
Suave House
Dukey asked me like
Why is you name Jiggolo?
Where did it come from?
I tell her, why you think?

She sexy, she freaky
I like it, she love it
We do it, no cuffin'
Foreplay and then we fuckin'
Then we
Breathe in, breathe out
Breathe in, breathe out

We get, freak deaky, fuckin' up TV screens
Counter tops and coffee tables, butt cheeks on magazines
She feel my vibe, my dick is XXL
So of course I'm a source of flings, call me the king
First I lick her and fondle her nipples
While I tickle her kitty kitty for fifty
Might even blow at it, shitty shitty
And yeah we bang bang
Next week we'll do the same thang
Man up that's the game game
Dick is what I slang slang
See I don't slang caine
But I slang wang
Got lucrative businesses and up is what I've done came came
If you're dick hung down like your buckel, you would do the same thing
Knock out a main frame
I'm too hard to tame man

See it's not only their head boy
It's fuckin' up their respiratorys
3 at a time, that's another day another story
See I'm the kind to lay ya down and have ya pussy pourin'
Leakin' feenin' for the d, skeetin' fuckin' up your sheets
Beat it how it's supposed to be
Beat it in the [?]
This is what you supposed to eat
Swallow it, get a load of me
And yeah it's good for ya, protein is sibilance
Got different hoes in different area dividends
And you can ask about me, even your ho tell ya
'Cause she familiar with how I pump up paraphernalia
Say you be short dawg, they say you a fuckin' failure
She asked me not to but fuck it, shit I'm gon' tell ya

[Break] (x2)
Satisfaction guaranteed baby
I promise I'mma give you what you need baby
(Tonight's the night)
This is the night
I'mma blow you mind
Let's get it now
(Breathe in, breathe out)


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