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Song:You Little Thief (Original 12 Inch Special Remix) (6.02)
Album: Genres:Disco
Year:1985 Length:363 sec


You little thief
You let me love you
You saw me stumbling
You watched me fall
You left me broken
Shattered and bleeding
But there's no hard feelings
There no feelings at all
You little thief
You little savage
You little beauty
You little whore
You've taken everything
I had to believe in
Now there's nothing
To believe in at all
So tell me how does it feel
To make a grown man wanna die
Does it make you uneasy
Does it every cross your mind
You little dream
You little nightmare
You little nothing
You little girl
You left me broken ...
There's no hard feelings ..
'Cause when I needed you
You watched me fall


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