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Grey Eye Glances - Close Your Eyes Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Close Your Eyes
Album:A Little VoodooGenres:Pop
Year:2002 Length:230 sec


A twinkle in my eye can make you shudder
A 'How long has it been?' can make you tense
You know I'm always glad to be another
And I like to keep you in suspense
And I tried to tell you this all along
I hope you're listening, I really do
You never saw anything was wrong
You only did what you had to do

Close your eyes, we are buildings--
We're so amazing!
Close your eyes, we are movement--
We're awe-inspiring!
Dreams left in shadows
Dreams left alone

A smile that will start to make you nervous
A gesture that will start your heart to race
A feeling when you find yourself left breathless
By a step you're destined to retrace
But I tried to tell you this all along
I hope you're laughing, I really do


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