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Song:Such A Cold Night To-Night
Album:Yuppi DuGenres:Italo
Year:1975 Length:243 sec


Such a cold night tonight
Will be a freezy long night
With the memories of all times
She came back to your bed
and for the final time
You madly loved her.

I looked deep in your eyes
And I've seen you have changed
You pretend that you lie
In a rising of sun
Your love is a fun?
That soon it will be done

Thoughts are all about me tonight
And such a night is never be so long
I feel I go crazy you know
A lot of foolish empty words I say
And it'll make no sense
And you will be alon?

When so softly you're sleeping
Steel so close to a pillow
That has kept all the scent
Flooding still in the air
I know it's all well
you really really love

Such a night should die
So all the agony of foolish loves
And the eyes lovin you clear day
We love for it your strong and empty hands
Feel double dreams, but dreams, feel double dreams

When you open your eyes you'll see
Nobody else but you're beetween the sheets
She will never be back again
And you for sure will never hear from her
It's hard to take I know it
It's all over now forever
It's hard to take I know it
It's all over now forever.


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