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Song:March Of Time
Album:Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2Genres:Rock
Year:1988 Length:316 sec

Lyricist: Helloween


Kai Hansen)

Hours of lust, hours of tears
Passing by before my eyes
Today, tomorrow, yesterday ..... one life
Days of joy, days of sadness
Come and go to pass me by
A month, a year, one hundred years they fly.
Bridge: Oooh, one day I'll be gone
to lead another life.
Oooh, and this world will stop to furn
Around me 'cause.
RF: Time ..... marchers
Time ..... marchers
On without us all, never stops, yes
Time ..... marchers
Time ..... marchers
On and on and on, flies enternally.
Times of peace, times of fights,
Constant nervement's our life
Can't stop no more .... enternety and
May be there's another life
This one is short, no matter how you try.
Bridge: Ohh, but never give up all the hope
To lead a good life
No, don't waste your given time
To make things worse.
Please, please, help me see
The best way to be
Make change and we live enternally
No more wasted years
No more wasted fears
Life's too short to cry, not enough to try.


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