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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Nuff Respect Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Nuff Respect
Album:The Untold Story - Uni5 The PrequelGenres:Urban
Year:2010 Length:0 sec

Lyricist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Now who was the nigga that came back ridin' dirty, stylin' murda
With a weapon up under my seat, you creep, indeed you'll meet the burner
Burn baby, burn burn burn, set 'em on fire
And I'm really not near with a nigga but see it's whatever, whatever, I'm wired
Feel the 12 gauge eruption - Playa hata dead now
No more discussion - Swimmin' in his all red now
Empty out yo pockets, if it's blinging, nigga drop it
Is it pistols, means it's nonsense - That mean murda if I cock it
Mo murda, mo murda redrum
Catch you niggas slippin' and I hit you with this lead son
Split your fuckin' wig and leave you drippin', make you bled some
I'm here to battle if you don't come with a weapon
A lyrical monster - My niggas are comin' to bomb yah
My niggas'll critically calm ya
The bullets, they enter, they calm ya
We steady be ready for drama - I'm willing to bet on my momma
Before we leave this bitch I betcha show me nuff respect

Hard dog from the hall of fame, Thor
That's for they know the real me in the pain
I wish I could do this plain
But that's impossible when there's too many lame...
Ho's running around, calling they self hot
We sure that you need is the fake and fraugulent in out of Pac
And they gotta stop it
When they got us in shit that not might beast the rock
When I pull out the heatseeker, cock a rocket
Are quick to be forgotten
Props to all of my hustlas who are in it, lined in 'em gutta
When them ghetto boys making up like (?)
We servin' you niggas the worst, pass the cup for the minimum
We send it, insert it into 'em - Up in ya ass like enema
Too many of you niggas act like ho's
It might be more proper to give his ass a gush
I'll put you in the dark (?) 5th dog let loose
? Up the troops, what would you do if they came after you...
Got all my trues - Aw, Uni-5, they knew, riiight
(?) In chess after Flesh is seconds and you're the checkmate
'Fore I diss and split I bet you'll show me nuff respect

I step in this bitch and I got the whole team beaming, gleaming
These bitches looking like they can't believe what the fuck they seeing
They jaws dropping and they can't comprehend the fucking meaning
The realest bosses is back - No, bitch, you ain't dreaming
We got 'em fiending, scheming - To get a piece of me'n...
These thuggish ruggish niggas - That'll keep'em smoking, leaning
We keep it creepin' and you know we do it after dark
We hit the heart - And then your temple, that's the mark
You leave departed - Now why'd you want to start shit
I monopolized the market - And branded Bone the largest
Fuck marchin', nigga, we chargin', bargin' - Yeah, you know the drill
Anybody get in our path, you do the math - I shoot to kill
Feel, where I'm coming from - Bloody, murder, redrum
Hollow point that dumb, dumb - Which one of you niggas said sum'n
That's what I thought - You don't wanna get checked
I'll leave ya wet - So you better show nuff respect

Crack money, it got me on ringing, ringing
Gotta keep that paper, paper long as niggas breathing
My niggas and kids and I lock it down like Edan
Trees and... ? up in the tissue, let it seep in
Look at the skrilla - Cleveland Ave, and Livingston
When they blew up the building, that was when I was dealing
Lord willing - Let's go to the village
They say that Ruthless on five - Burn the fuckin' ceiling
We came in, mayne, we hittin 'em back up, they not wheelin'em (Why?)
They want a ryda, kick out, pull up the chronic, chillin'
You don't know Bizzy, you need to murder yaself
It's my diamonds and my appraisal - Open up yo nasal
Bone Thug, the label - Now give it up to my table, bitch
Talk the shit - Give that bitch the Abel
What they wanna do? I give a fuck like Clark Gable
Gangsta Dora - Now you can (?) nigga


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