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Song:The Four Horsemen
Album:Show Me Your WayGenres:Christian Country
Year:2003 Length:304 sec


Glen Campbell - The Four Horsemen Lyrics
Album: Show Me Your Way

And I saw the white horse, ridden by a man with bow and arrow.
And he wore a golden crown and he rode a trail so narrow.
And he went forth to conquer all the liars, thieves and cheaters;
all the weavers of illusion; all the bigots and mistreaters;
and the earth was shakin' like an old man's hand and the sun was black as mud;
and the oceans moved across the land and the moon became as blood.
And I saw a red horse and a rider with a saber;
to take peace from all the earth, for destruction was his labor.
And he rode out in anger to turn brother against brother;
with poison for the nations to make them all kill one another.
And the stars of heaven fell to earth like the fruit of a tree that's shaken;
by an unkindly wind, to be ever more foresaken.
And I saw the black horse and the rider with the balance;
to separate the works of man; his vices from his talents.
A measure of wheat for a penny, three measures of barley in kind
To divide the one from the many, But hurt not the oil and wine
And the heavens parted like a scroll, when it is rolled together.
And the mountains were moved out of place; Like a whirlwind blows a feather.
And I saw a pale horse, and Death was riding on him
And Hell was right behind him, and no mortal man outshone him.
The kings of the earth and the mighty men; The glorious and greedy
Hid themselves in the blackest hole, with the homeless and the needy.
And some priests and some television preachers, laid down with the vile unholy
And some senators and movie stars
shared a cave with the meek and lowly.
And they cried to the mountains
Fall on us! And hide us from the face of Him
Fall on us! And hide us from the face
Hide us from the face of Him
Fall on us! And hide us from the face of Him
Fall on us! And hide us from the face
Hide us from the face of Him


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