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Harry Nilsson - The Town (Narration) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Town (Narration)
Album:The PointGenres:Rock
Year: Length:88 sec


Years ago there was a place called the Land of Point and that was because everything in the Land of Point had one. The barns, the houses, the carts, everything, even the people. Everyone in the Land of Point had a point on the top of his head. Everyone, that is with the exception of Oblio

Now although Oblio was born to a set of normally pointed parents and although he was born physically perfect in every other respect, he was born without a point. He was round headed and as time passed Oblio became increasingly aware of his uniqueness and so did everyone else, which made life in the Land of Point rather uncomfortable for him and his parents. You see Oblio became sort of an involuntary celebrity and he was subject to the sometimes cruel and unusual harrassment from school mates. It wasn't easy being the only pointless person in the whole Land of Point and in an effort to make life easier his mother knitted a pointed cap for him to wear. It was to conceal his pointless condition. But it didn't do much good because everyone knew he didn't have a point. So it only managed to make Oblio a little lonelier. In fact the only real friend that he had was his dog, Arrow


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