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Hank Williams - Kaw Liga Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Kaw Liga
Album:The Complete Hank Williams Jr.Genres:Blues
Year:1998 Length:157 sec


Tonight Down Here In The Valley

im Lonesome And O How I Feel

as I Sit Here Alone In My Cabin

i Can See Your Mansion On The Hill

do You Recall When We Parted

the Story To Me You Revealed

you Said You Could Live Without Loving

in Your Loveless Mansion On The Hill

ive Waited All Through The Years Love

to Give You A Heart True And Real

cause I Know Youre Living In Sorrow

in Your Loveless Mansion On The Hill

the Light Shine Bright From Yer Window

the Trees Stand So Silent And Still

i Know Youre Alone With Your Pride Dear

in Your Loveless Mansion On The Hill


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