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Song:Cousin Kevin
Album:Tommy (Remastered)Genres: 
Year:2000 Length:247 sec

Lyricist: The Who


we're on our own, cousin, all alone, cousin. let's think of a game to play now the grown-ups have all gone away. you won't be much fun being blind, deaf and dumb, but i'vw no-one to play with today do you know how to play hide-and-seek? to find me it would take you a week, but tied to that chair you won't go anywhere. there's a lot i can do with a freak how would you feel if i turned on the bath, ducked your head under and started to laugh? what would you do if i shut you outside, and stand in the rain and catch cold so you died i'm the school bully! the classroom cheat. i'm the natiest playfriend you ever could meet. i'll stick pins in your fingers and tread on your feet... maybe a cigarette burn on your arm would chane your expression to one of alarm. i'll drag you round by a lock of your haur or gice you a push at the top of the stairs... i'm the school bully! the classroom cheat. the nasiest playfriend you ever could meet. i'll put glass in your dinner and spikes in your seat...


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