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Fergie - Paradise / Maybe We Can Take a Ride Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Paradise / Maybe We Can Take a Ride
Album:The DutchessGenres:rock pop
Year:2006 Length:368 sec


[Part 1: Paradise]

[Verse 1]
Lately I don't know, but something's coming over me
Felt a stirring, not by stirring up a drink or three
I'm down to go where the wind blows, so come and follow
Don't wanna leave you babe, leave you babe
To please you baby

[Pre-Chorus 1]
We can fly, ba bada ba bye
Blue sky, ba bada ba bye
Feeling high, come on take a ride
Upon a star, we're going for...

If you wanna chill, have a party
C'mon everybody, put down your latte
Throw your work aside and come to
No Patrician on this vacation
This destination is pure elation
No contemplation, no less sensation

[Verse 2]
Where the water rests so clear that you can see your feet
Tropical insemination by the Coral Reef
Inherit natural treasures from other nations
We are so wealthy now, wealthy now
Tell me now

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Say goodbye, ba bada ba bye
To overdrive, ba bada ba bye
Glad you're mine, open up a wine
And then explore, I'll show you more...




*Minute of silence*

[Part 2: Maybe We Can Take A Ride]

[Hook 1] (x3)
Maybe we can take a ride
Maybe we can take a real long ride

[Hook 2] (x3)
And I can make you smile
And I can make you smile
Maybe we can take a ride
Maybe we can take a real long ride

*Song fades out*

*Record skips till end*


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