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Song:Just Say I SH
Album:Viva Liebt DichGenres: 
Year:1998 Length:236 sec


We Never Said Forever
and If We Did I Never
expected Leases To Sign
but Still I Felt So Sure
whatever Comes
she's A Friend Of Mine

so Friend Turns Into Lover
how Quickly We Discover
the Ground We're Trading On
is Mined
love Takes No Prisoners
but When I Reach For Her
she's Hard To Find

inside I Cried
(But She Won't Know)
(Never Know)
tell Her
just Say I Said Hello

i Thrive On Isolation
an Independent Station
i'm In A Unit Of One
don't Blow My Cover Now
i Know This Solo
has Just Begun

don't Say You Saw Me Crying
please Don't Say
you Know I'm Lying
just Say I'm Strong And Free
don't Tell You Will Be
a Friend Of Mine

inside I Cried
but She Won't Know
(Never Know)
tell Her
just Say I Said Hello


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