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Song:A Little Peace
Year:1982 Length:184 sec


Just like a flower when winter begins
Just Like a candle blown out in the wind
Just like a bird that can no longer fly
I'm feeling that way sometimes

But then as I'm falling weighed down by the load
I picture a light at the end of the road
I'm closing my eyes I can see through the dark
A dream that is in my heart

A little lovin'
A Little givin'
To Build a dream for the world we live in
A little patience and understanding
For our tomorrow
A little peace

A little sunshine
A sea of gladness
To wash away all the tears of sadness
A little hoping
A little praying
For our tomorrow
A little peace

I feel I'm a leaf in the November snow
I fell to the ground there was no one below
So now I am helpless alone with my song
Just wishing the storm was done

We Are feathers on the breeze
Sing With me my song of peace
We are feathers on the breeze
Sing with me my song of peace


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