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Weird Al Yankovic - Lasagna Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:The Food AlbumGenres:Rock/Pop
Year: Length:168 sec

Lyricist: Weird Al Yankovic


You want-a some-a lasagna, magnifico,
Or a-maybe spaghetti!
Ay, you supper's a-ready now, where you go?
Mama mia bambino!
Mama mia bambino, 'samatta you?
'Samatta you, 'samatta you?

You should-a taste my lasagna.
Ay, you no like-a lasagna,
That's okay too.
How about-a calzone?
Some-a nice minestrone, atsa good for you.
Have-a some marinara.
Have-a some marinara, I know-a you like.
I know-a you like, I know-a you like.


Would you like some-a zucchini?
Or-a my homemade linguini, it's hard-a to beat.
Have-a more fettucini.
Ay, you getting too skeeny, you gotta to eat.
Ay, mange, mange!

Ay, you-a pass the lasagna!
A-don't you get any on ya, you sloppy peeg.
Have-a more ravioli.
You-a get roly poly, a-nice and-a beeg.
Like you cousin Luigi.
Luigi, Luigi, capisce paisan?
Capisce paisan, capisce paisan?



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