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Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Beautiful Messes Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Beautiful Messes
Album:Love RemainsGenres:Country
Year:2016 Length:233 sec

Lyricist: Hillary Scott & The Scott Family


Are you spinning in a ladder that keeps on telling you that you're not good enough?
And when you're looking in the mirror, do you see someone impossible to love?
Full of fragile broken pieces
We're all rough around the edges
We ain't perfect, no
We ain't even close
We got holes in our hearts
We got scars we don't show
But all that baggage we keep on dragging around
Ain't it time we start laying it down?
Lay it down at the foot of the cross
Give it to the One who can carry it all
Even at our worst, to Him, we ain't lost causes
Just beautiful messes
We're all David's; we're all Mary's
We've been liars, thieves and everything between
But don't forget God used the misfits just like us
To do the most amazing things
So bring your faults, your flaws, your secrets
And watch Him use those broken pieces
Cause we ain't perfect, no
We ain't even close
We got ho
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