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Beverley Knight - After You Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:After You
Album:Music City SoulGenres: 
Year:2007 Length:239 sec


After you...
I felt the pain of losing my pride
And I walked away from the tears that you cried
But now I realize...
No sun ever shines through the shadows of dawn
I wish I could dream but the nightmare goes on
I miss you day and night

I felt it coming
I started running
But love was there behind me
After you

Nothing is real, nothing is sure,nothing is forever
After you..
Nothing goes on, everything's wrong, nothing makes it better
After you...

All that i gained you've taken away
I ain't gonna beg cause there's nothing to say
Just emptiness inside...
You opened the door to heaven for me
Now I''m outside and you've taken the key
And every dream i had has died

I saw it coming I started running
But everything reminds me
After you


After all the times I've tried
Nothing keeps me satisfied
After all the nights i prayed
Oh you seem so far away...
After you there's nothing left... nothing left there's nothing left
After you babe...



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