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Poison - Life Goes On Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Life Goes On
Album:Poison's Greatest Hits 1986 - 1996Genres:Rock
Year: Length:287 sec

Lyricist: Poison


I felt this before now I feel it again
No matter how hard I try this feeling won't end
So I pretend you're here by my side tonight, on this lonely ride
I keep telling myself that..

(Chorus) Life goes on while you're miles away
And I need you.
Time rolls on as nights steals the day
There's nothing I can do.

You healed up my wounds
I tasted your tears
you spilled out your heart
So I let out my fears
But one fear I kept to myself
How I prayed that you love no one else
Like you said you love me.

If you only knew how much I miss you.
(long Instrumental break)

When my mind plays its tricks on me
It shows me things I don't wanna see
So I tell myself and..
I keep telling myself self now
Just take another piece of me?
Love goes on you're still miles away
And I need you
And this last mile I travel with you


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