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Funker Vogt - Thanks for Nothing (Controlled Fusion remix) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Thanks for Nothing (Controlled Fusion remix)
Album:Killing Time Again (disc 2)Genres:Industrial
Year:1996 Length:420 sec


You are not born yet
But already so alone
That you can do nothing but scream
Nothing but pressure and no more help
Love isn't subsisting
Hate is dominating

There is no tenderness
There is just pain
There aren't any words
There is just a cry

But you had your aim
Did it all for your aim
Beat all the pain
Didn't lose your soul
Now you live your life
Pride is your dignity
And proudly you can say
Thanks for nothing!

You didn't get any support
You didn't get any help
They dropped you on the floor
They kicked you with their feet


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