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Song:Love In Your Eyes (Extended)
Album:Hitbombe International Folge 08 - CD1Genres:Pop
Year:1992 Length:472 sec

Lyricist: Leroy's Music Library


I love you Jean
but I can´t go out tonight
in the machine
all my thoughts are bound so tight
living in recording studios
makes me feel awake
life is just a brand new echo
digital delay

Love in your eyes
oh, baby don´t you realize
it´s only love in your eyes
oh, baby got to compromise
it´s only love

I love you too
but you make me feel so sad
a Mini Moog is just all you need so bad
you were just a damn sequencer
moving to the beat
living with a synthesizer
cold as a repeat

repeat CHORUS

Input Output
Input Output

I love you Jean
but I can´t stand you no more
why do you scream?
I can´t hear the monitor
your voice needs an equalizer
try to sing the song
filtered in the harmonizer
we can get along

repeat CHORUS


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