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RICK SPRINGFIELD - Celebrate Youth (1985) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Celebrate Youth (1985)
Album:Feten Hits - The Real Classics III CD1Genres:Pop
Year:1985 Length:233 sec


'Celebrate Youth'
by Rick Springfield
from TAO (c) 1985
RCA records

I can see hte older man
looking at the the younger man
I can see the younger man
looking at the boy
other there the older woman
is looking at the younger woman
I can see the younger woman
looking at the girl

Chorus: 'cause every man sees
in the younger man the hope
every woman sees
in the younger girl the dream
everybody lives
the pride and passion of the young
from the womb to the tomb
we will remeber what it means

so celebrate youth (celebrate)
those who have it (young ones)
celebrate youth (celebrate)
give them sight
the future of the world's in the (celebrate)
hands of the children (young ones)
so celebrate youth (celebrate)
teach them right

look in a child's eye
there's no hate and there's no lie
there's no black and there's no white

I can see the oder man
and sometiems in the older man
i still see the young boy
burning in his eye

adn locked up here inside out spirit
is the child that we are hear it
some of us will always fear it
and some will heed the cry




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