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Song:Hungry (feat. Rick Ross)
Album:Double DutchessGenres:Pop
Year:2017 Length:204 sec


Hungry, hungry, yeah
Hungry, hungry, yeah
Hungry, hungry, mhm yeah
Hungry, hungry, mhm yeah

To say it's complicated, understatement of the year
Well maybe conflict made it the new flavor in your ear
They know that I'm a problem, that's why everybody scared
Whatever doesn't kill you, can make you an ill-ionaire
Uh, just turn the headphones up
Or make the windows roll up
I make they hands go up
When I show up and I blow it 'til I'm full up
Wait hold up
Girl up in the mirror
Only one I fear, uh
You say you the realest
I told you I'm the illest

Sick, sick
Mmm, hungry
Still hungry
Sick, sick
Mmm, hungry
Not thirsty
Just hungry
Still hungry


?i - e foame, foame, da
foame, foame, da
foame, foame, MHM da
foame, foame, MHM da

A spune ca este complicat, subestimarea anului
Ei bine , poate de conflict noua aroma la ureche facut
Ei ?tiu ca eu sunt o problema, de aceea toata lumea speriat
Tot ce nu te omoara, te face un prost ionaire
Uh, rândul sau , doar ca?tile în sus
sau face ferestrele roll -
mi fac ei mâinile merge în sus
Când apar ?i eu sufla - l 'til eu sunt satul pâna
Stai rezista
fata în oglinda
Un singur ma tem , uh
tu spui realest
?i - am spus ca sunt illest

bolnav, bolnav
Mmm, foame
înca foame
mmm, foame
Nu este sete
înca foame


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