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U.D.O. - Shadows Come Alive Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Shadows Come Alive
Year:2013 Length:264 sec


I see the fear in your eyes
It comes as no surprise
They are lonely inside - so lonely inside

You're scared of the night
And fear is not right
It's so lonely for you - so lonely for you

The silence of the night
When shadows come alive
Pointing of you
You hear the whispers in the night
Some things will not be right
Talking to you

When shadows come alive

And now you are in
The shadow play begins
Crashing all over you - all over you
If you feel this every night
You know this can't be right
It's not over for you - over for you

When shadows come alive
Is there a sign on the wall
You will not be alone
It's there for you
So keep an eye on the sky
There will be a light - just for you

Shadows never come alive


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