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The Noisettes - Malice In Wonderland Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Malice In Wonderland
Year: Length:146 sec


Looking for dad in a cup of tea.
A lady in red, weird thing I see.
My grip was hot and my heart was cold.
I turned around, looked around,
At my reflection to see that it was only me.

Looked for dad in a boy called John.
I don't remember where he was from.
Told me that he loved me so I sang him songs.
I must have done wrong cause it didn't last long.

What will they say when you go away?
Don't lose your head Kacy.
There's plenty of Malice in Wonderland.
And from on the first day.

Looked for him in a glass of wine,
In cake and trees and the passing of time.
I looked for him in my mother's eyes.
She said it was red all of the time.

Then my mother she told me how to rhyme.
To learn to swim, to rig the climb.
Questions the rules, don't be quiet.
But I'm looking for him since the day that he lied.

I pray for your soul to take- take her
In through the fear that's cold.
Spray in your strings my sweet Merryment.
Beware of your heroes.

Speak with the lost souls
Looking to fill those holes.
My scars can fill any hole.
Illusions fill many holes.
Consumption will kill us all.
We'll tumble like dominoes.
No time for Geronimo.
Beware of your heroes.


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