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Song:Operations Of Nature
Album:Operations Of Nature [Promo CDGenres:Pop
Year:1995 Length:0 sec

Lyricist: Akon



Have you ever lost a brother
And then you wonder why nature choose to operate this way
Then you find yourself reminiscing about the old days and why life take a man as a prey

[Verse 1]
I sit and wonder like why couldn't now be like the old days when everything was mad smooth, groovy and sways up in my town don't have to hear that gunshot sound bringing the mad pollution while dead bodies steady being found but still we ignore the negative aspects of life try to keep it nice but all and all i had to pack my steel device
Yeah but back i to expect to [?] any attack we bump heads like that then we constantly remain strapped
Till one day we went to this party met this fly chick when they played lodi dodi squeezed her up and continue to parlay boyfriend got jealous got some kiss from broadway so i took the Glock off safety with care [?] it off by rubbing through this girl nice curly hair i stared to my man looked at me and knew it was time he read my mind pop pop pop goes the nine

[Hook X2]

[Verse 2]
Delay on certain sound ways around my way keep it calm cause five-o trying to creep the day its mad hot not only the sun but the block then i found myself focusing on the cops Glock my little [?] told me to grab it and run while the right danger one said akon please chill son
I was [?] to grab the gun and i [?] but i be dissing god if i didn't listen it was a choice to be made between the two to fear but if it was wasn't for the man i wouldn't be here so i reacted on my instincts i know these things trying to find the missing links stay away the bad jinx you see my sticks and stones [?] nothing but bones [?] else me carry on as well as me self shine my chrome my little niggas always got my guard when its hard not to mention all my other brothers [?]

[Hook X2]

[Verse 3]
A-kon and his buddy actually passed the first wreck properly now you see how to not become the victim of the static we got their boy now they after us with the automatics [?] it was all about who pulled the trigger faster but i guess nobody flipped i shot too quick im only hit so i remind myself never to flip but still i have extreme raw deal for my man having dreams that this nigga floating on top of land sleeping open indicates his life aim high and hoping that it don't mean that he will soon die but i guess nature spoke for itself all i have left is now is my wealth

Peace bruh
I hope it doesn't happen to you

[Hook X2]


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