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Dream Theater - The X Aspect Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The X Aspect
Album:The Astonishing Disc 1Genres:Rock
Year:2016 Length:253 sec


Betrayed my blood
To save my son
A hopeless choice to make
But who am I, if not the one who's meant to keep him safe?

Is trust and loyalty still justified,
If I deny him of a better life?

Gabriel has always been
The strength I call upon

But nothing breaks
A father's will
To do what must be done
Should I turn my back on him,
Abandon all our plans for revolution?

Where hope and freedom die by morning light
Evangeline, I swore to you to love and guide our son
Destiny has shown its face, and now the time has come

Desperation blinds me
And through these blood-stained eyes I see the light
A better life is worth this sacrifice


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