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Album:All Time Greatest Blues Songs [3 Cd]Genres:Blues
Year:1991 Length:168 sec


When I had a lots of money
I had friends to give a good time
I went out with my friends
We drunk beer and whiskey all night

The next time, I take them out
They didn't have a dime to spend

I told my neighbors
I ain't gonna spend no money, no more
I love my neighbors
I can't spend no dime, no more

Oh yeah, we can't spend no more money

I works too hard for my money
To throw my money away
My mama keep my money
I ain't gonna spend no money these days

I love my neighbors, I love my neighbors
But I have no dime to spend

Well, every Monday morning
My neighbor knockin' on my door
My neighbor done tell me
I want some really dough

Well, I told my neighbor
Can't spend no money no more
Neighbor, he got mad
And walked on away from my door

Can't spend no dime no more


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