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Deep Purple - Uncommon Man (Previously Unrel Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Uncommon Man (Previously Unrel
Album:Time For BedlamGenres:Hard Rock
Year:2017 Length:419 sec


Things fall together in time
Who said you can't have it all
The beast in the room
Heavy kind of feeling
It's got to be twenty foot tall

But the man is standing high
Oh, oh, oh it's good to be king

Standing together again
Everyone's starting to sway
Up on a hill
Close to the sky
Oh it's a fabulous day

And the man is walking tall
Oh, oh, oh it's good to be king

Bow your head, the carriage is waiting to take you away

Remember the feeling
Remember the day
Believe what you're seeing
As the ladies-in-waiting drift away

It's good to be king
Ah it's good to be king
It's good to be king
Yes it's good to be king


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