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Our Lady Peace - Better Than Here (demo) Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Better Than Here (demo)
Album:A DecadeGenres:Rock
Year:2006 Length:285 sec

Lyricist: Our Lady Peace


I looked
I looked up to the sky
Your face was drawn in black and white
Tonight we're stuck inside a lie
The fear is we won't get out alive
The stink is in the air
The air is getting thin

Where you goin
As fast as you can run
And where you goin
You hide behind the sun
Stay down low
Stay down where you are
And where you goin
Is is better than here?

The truth... . how we turned into a joke
And it's truth IMd give anything to hold
Tonight, tonight I stay
But you, you slip away

Where you goin
As fast as you can run
And where yo
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