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GODSMACK - Time Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Live & InspiredGenres:Alt. Metal
Year:2012 Length:253 sec

Lyricist: Godsmack


i am in a living hell, makes me wonder if i'm alive
can't seem to bring myself to figure out why
i shove and i pull away from the things
that i call you every night
i can't seem to break you down
but i know i'll come around...
i feel your pins through my eyes piercing me
lie down in all this piss,
you drink it from me every night
i live in a world of shit, been left here to die
sometimes i realize my mind is meant to go away
never have i seen your God,
so why should i believe in faith?
i feel your pins through my eyes
piercing me, all the tim
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