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Donell Jones - Pushin
Album:Where I Wanna BeGenres:R&B
Year: Length:295 sec


1 - You just keep on pushing You won't let it go away You've got my mind thinking You won't see another day If you keep on reaching and stressing me You just might push me away, heyGirl you've always got some drama going onSomebody told me that they saw you in the next man's armKissing and laughin' passion, splashin' AlizeAnd you caught an attitude when I asked you what you had to sayDon't get it twisted cause I kept shit on the lowBut you got me open like I've never been beforeCcome home late at night from chillin' with my friendsThen comes an argumentYou got me thinking 'bout leaving you againRepeat 1Nothing is easy when it comes to loving youI know you're not feeling me the way that you used toNow that I'm flossin', tossin', ice all on my wristsYou wanna run back to meBut it's so hard to forgetWho took you shopping, tricking your G's up at the mallWhenever I page you lady you don't return my callsI don't wanna playa hate but girl it's not a gameI can't take you serious so I gotta get awayRepeat 1Girl you've been actin' shady from the doorThink that I should let you know This right here ain't yours no moreSo stop blowing up my pagerCallin', acting like a strangerYou keep calling me, pushing me away, yeahRepeat 1 until fade


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