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KROKUS - To The Top Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:To The Top
Album:One Vice At A TimeGenres:Hard Rock
Year:1982 Length:258 sec


I've tryin' my beat you know it honey
To make life easy
They keep painting their fingers at me
Just to terse me
Oh my hands are tied
And I'm up to my ears in work
I've been comin' and join'
Don't know which stake I'm in
Like a son of a jerk ... To the Top

I don't give to damn you know it honey
They'll never break me
My mind is one thing with my body
Come on and please me
When my work is done
Then I'm gonna go lie in the sun
Show those sons of bitches
That I don't need a gun
And I'm on my way
To the Top .. Hit it five it go

Blood and corruption it's not my way of life
No easy way out
Death and destruction can never kill my drive
There's my doubt
Oh many have suffered in this world
Only a few survive
As long as you stick to your guns
In this life
Ain't nobody gonna put you away
To the Top .. Hit it five it go
To the Top .. Hit it five it go


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