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Song:Ain't That Peculiar
Year:1972 Length:192 sec


[Verse 1:]
Honey, you do me wrong
But still I'm crazy about you
Stay away too long
And I can't do without you

Every chance you get
You seem to hurt me more and more
But each hurt makes my love stronger than before
I know flowers go through rain
But how can love go through pain

Ain't that peculiar
A peculiar-arity
Ain't that peculiar, baby
Peculiar as can be

[Verse 2:]
You tell me lies
That should be obvious to me
I've been so much in love with you
Baby, til I don't want to see

That things you do and say
Are designed to make me blue
It's a doggone shame my love for you
Makes all your lies seem true
But if the truth makes love last longer
Why do lies make my love stronger

[Repeat Chorus:]

I cried so much just like a child
That's lost its home
Maybe, baby, you think these tears I cry
Are tears of joy

A child can cry so much
Until you do everything they say
But unlike a child
My tears don't help me to get my way
I know love can last through years
But how can love last through tears

[Repeat Chorus:]

Said I don't understand it, baby
It's so strange sometimes


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